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Who invented the umbrella, who invented the umbrella

Release time:2021-06-19 15:49:58

A brief history of the evolution of umbrellas. Who invented the umbrella? You need to prepare an easy-to-use umbrella during heavy rain. Do you know? China is the first country in the world to invent the umbrella, and it has a history of more than 3,500 years. It was called it at that time For "Ri". In the post-Wei period, the umbrella was used in official ceremonies, and the people called it "Luo Umbrella". The size of the official rank is different, and the size and color of the Luo umbrella are also different. The emperor used a yellow umbrella when traveling, indicating that he would "shadow the people." After the birth of the umbrella in China, with the increasing opening up and exchanges, it gradually spread abroad. In the Tang Dynasty, the Japanese envoys sent to China brought the umbrella craftsmanship to Japan. In 1747, a British businessman named Zunas traveled to China and found that a Chinese man was walking in the rain with a paper umbrella. He liked it very much and bought one when he returned to China. However, according to the British religious tradition at the time, it was believed that it was God’s will to rain in the sky, and it was against the will of God to cover the rain with an umbrella, and it was rebellious. Therefore, Zunas was ridiculed and cursed, and some people even threw eggs at him. But by the middle of the 19th century, with the development of science, umbrellas have become a must-have for the British, and the use of umbrellas has become a kind of glory for the British.

   In fact, with the invention and use of the umbrella, the "umbrella" culture has gradually formed.

   In 1100 BC, the Chinese had already used umbrellas, and at that time they had already used umbrellas to express their identity. Umbrella ribs are made of bamboo or sandalwood and covered with leaves or feathers. Of course, this "umbrella" is a symbol of aristocratic status and is not very practical.

   The first real "umbrella" of mankind should be invented by Lu Ban's wife, who is also an excellent craftsman in the legend. According to legend, Lu Ban’s wife Yun, because she pityed Lu Ban’s work under the stormy sun, saw that the pavilion could be sheltered from rain and shade, so she came up with an activity pavilion for Lu Ban to take with her, instead of making an umbrella. This was invented based on the shape of the "Pavilion", but the umbrella at this time should not be foldable. And the material on the umbrella surface is likely to be wood chips or bamboo chips.

Later, with the evolution, lighter and thinner bamboo was used as the umbrella skeleton, and lighter, smoother silk was used as the umbrella surface, which was light and beautiful. However, silk is not affordable for everyone, and it is completely a minority. A product of nobility.

   Jiangnan symbol, oil paper umbrella

   Until the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cai Lun invented paper. The appearance of paper not only changed the way people write and spread, but also changed the fate of umbrellas.

People found that brushing with tung oil on the umbrella can also greatly improve the toughness and waterproofness of the paper, so they began to use oil paper as umbrella cloth. This umbrella has the performance of waterproof and anti-folding, and it is cheaper, lighter and more portable. Into thousands of households.

  Because of the rain in the south of the Yangtze River, people use rain gear more frequently. Natural oil-paper umbrellas were also born in the south of the Yangtze River. Since ancient times, there have been many elegant scholars in Jiangnan. Some literati and inkmen felt that a solid-colored oil-paper umbrella could add a little more elegance, so they painted on paper to make the umbrella surface more diverse and more beautiful and artistic. Therefore, the oil-paper umbrella has also become the main element of Jiangnan.

   Until today, oil-paper umbrellas are still very popular, especially when the national style is popular, lovers of cheongsam and Hanfu must hold an oil-paper umbrella. This is enough for the charm.

   One point must be said here, Europe did not invent the first real umbrella until the 18th century. In contrast, China invented the umbrella one or two thousand years earlier than Europe.

The development of umbrellas has gone through thousands of years. From leaves to hats, from hats to oiled paper umbrellas, from oiled paper umbrellas to folding umbrellas, and then to the current "modern umbrellas", I personally feel that the development history of umbrellas has only three stages, namely The prototype stage, the closing stage, and the folding stage.

   Compared with other human tools, the development of umbrellas is relatively slow, and it can be regarded as the slowest evolving tool for human beings. Even if your modern foldable umbrella travels through ancient times, people will recognize that it is an umbrella for shelter from the rain!

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