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Release time:2021-06-09 15:47:05

There are also many kinds of fabrics, but there are three main types of fabrics used to make umbrellas:


1, PG cloth (also known as hitting cloth, hitting cloth, etc.), this cloth feels like a cotton cloth by hand, and the color appears softer;

2, nylon cloth: This cloth is more flexible, feels slippery in the hand, sprinkle on the water, gently shake, the water will immediately fall off;

3, Polyester cloth: This cloth is less flexible, after the hand is rubbed, it is difficult to restore the original wrinkles;

4, Oxford cloth: 210D and 420D Oxford cloth is often used for the production of sun umbrellas, and the difference between the two cloths is that the 420D Oxford cloth is much thicker than the 210D Oxford cloth. The first three fabrics are mainly used in the production of straight umbrellas, folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas and the like.


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