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Umbrella printing process introduction _The umbrella factory

Release time:2021-06-09 15:46:59

Rainy days, essential umbrellas, sunny days, umbrellas are also necessary, so the umbrella is now used as a four-year carry-on item. With time, now the technology is developed, no longer as simple as before, now you can choose your favorite pattern umbrella at any time. To show your personal character; those who have ideas will also customize their own umbrellas. Enterprises can use the cheap and practical features of umbrellas to achieve effective publicity.


Generally, the most commonly used methods for printing umbrellas are silk screen, offset printing, digital printing, and thermal transfer. Of course, all kinds of printing methods have their own advantages.

Silk-screened umbrella: The price is relatively cheap, but there are some restrictions on the color. If there are many colors, there are gradient color effects, which can be achieved, but the effect is relatively poor. It is better to see the stereo effect in the distance.

Digital printing: The advantage is that there is no limit to the color, the color reproduction is high, and it can be printed in small batches, but the disadvantage is that the cost is much higher than that of the silk screen. The number of small batches can be selected.

Digital thermal transfer printing: At present, the most advanced printing technology is digital thermal transfer printing. As the name suggests, digital printing is definitely the intervention of digital equipment. It is because of the close cooperation between computer and printer to complete the personalized pattern printing. The origin of the name. Generally, the color of thermal transfer is composed of four colors, namely red, blue, yellow and black, which are worth four printing plates.

Our normal and simple advertising umbrellas are all screen printed. If the pattern is more complicated, we will choose digital printing. If the number of complex patterns is large, we will choose thermal transfer. Either way, we will customize the most satisfactory umbrella according to the customer's requirements.


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