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What umbrella is the golf umbrella? _The umbrella factory

Release time:2021-06-09 15:46:54

Many people have heard this name and must think that golf umbrellas are used for golf courses. Nowadays, golf umbrellas are no longer used on golf courses. Golf umbrellas used to represent the noble and high-quality symbol. Nowadays, many listed companies, hotels, airlines, 4S shops, banks, high-end beauty salons and other enterprises will choose golf umbrellas as gifts for their anniversary activities.


Because the golf umbrella is more excellent than the general umbrella, the fabric used is more excellent, and the production process is fine. It is said to be the king of the umbrella, and it is well deserved. This is why many companies choose it.

The golf umbrella will make the umbrella surface double-layered, and the top of the lower layer of the umbrella surface will be emptied, and then the upper layer is covered on the lower layer, which is larger than the air-permeable hole, just cover, a small number of needles on the upper and lower layers. Suture, when it is used normally, the rain can't enter the umbrella. When the wind blows over, the top of the surplus is discharged.

The golf umbrella has good quality, beautiful appearance and good sunshade and rainproof effect.

That's why it attracts many entrepreneurs to choose it as a gift because he is different.


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