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How to tell if the sun umbrella is UV protection _The umbrella factory

Release time:2021-06-09 15:46:49

Sun umbrellas are a kind of sun protection tools that many people often use. Sun umbrellas can help you block the sun and prevent sunburn. Many people use umbrellas. There are also many types of umbrellas. How to distinguish whether the sun umbrellas are UV-proof.


1, light-shielding coating

The glue layer is related to the sun protection effect. Black plastic umbrella>Color plastic umbrella>Silver rubber umbrella>No rubber layer umbrella>Lace hollow umbrella///Multi-layer umbrella>One or two layers of rubber layer umbrella>No glue layer umbrella>Lace hollow umbrella/// Dark umbrella> Light umbrella.

2, UPF value label

The UV protection umbrella should be marked with a sun protection index (UV mark), and the UPF value will be marked on the tag. When UPF = 30, UV filtration = 95%. When the UPF value = 50, the ultraviolet filter = 99.8% or more. But there are very few umbrellas that can really do UPF50, and it is not easy to buy. In general, in non-UV areas, an umbrella with a UPF of 30 is sufficient for daily sun protection.

3, the density of the fabric

Density is not a thickness, and a bulky and thick umbrella surface may not have a good shading effect. Under the same fabric, the more dense the fabric, the lower the penetration rate of light, and the less ultraviolet light that enters through the umbrella.

4, fabric: PG cloth works best

The main fabrics used in the market for making general umbrellas are: Polyester, PG, and Nylon.

Umbrella fabrics with sun protection functions mainly include: PG cloth, black rubber cloth, color plastic cloth, silver rubber cloth, pearl cloth, nylon, polyester

PG cloth (also known as "impact cloth": It is a first-grade UV-protecting umbrella cloth. The umbrella cloth is thicker, the price is higher, and the UV protection effect is better. The only drawback is expensive.

Black rubber cloth: stable, good UV resistance, not easy to fall off, and the temperature is blocked while shading. The price is relatively close to the people, cost-effective, it is recommended to start.

Color tape: The color glue is generally coated on the outside, and combined with black polyester cloth, it can basically achieve zero light transmission and strong UV resistance. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive and it is not easy to print the colors or patterns.

Silver tape: UV protection is better, but after a long time of use, the silver glue in the folded place is easy to break off.

Pearlescent cloth: The color of the pearl cloth is more beautiful, the umbrella body is light and thin, and the styles are diverse and won by women, but the anti-sun UV effect is not ideal. For real sun protection, it is not recommended for mothers to purchase parasols with pearlescent fabrics.

Nylon: Also known as nylon. Nylon cloth itself is subdivided into many types. The umbrella cloth has good elasticity and wear resistance, but the brightness is not ideal. If it is matched with silver glue or pearl color glue, it has anti-UV effect.

Polyester: A more economical umbrella, the umbrella cloth is rougher and the price is cheaper. The common embroidered umbrellas are almost all of this fabric, exquisite and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is not durable and does not protect against sun protection, especially large-area embroidery, hollowing, and tulle.


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