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Children's umbrella purchase needs to pay attention to what _The umbrella factory

Release time:2021-06-09 15:46:45

Children's umbrella refers to an umbrella suitable for children 3 years of age and older, and from the center of the umbrella cap or umbrella top to the center of the umbrella bead hole (slot) 50cm or less (including 50cm). Parents will prepare a children's umbrella for children during the rainy season. What should you pay attention to when purchasing children's umbrellas?


Parents’ concept of children’s umbrella is unclear

There are still many parents who lack awareness of the safety of children's umbrellas. "Buy this kind of thing is to listen to the child, what color or pattern she wants, I will satisfy her, and I don't know much about special shopping skills." When Xiaobian asked a parent "How to give When the child picked the children's umbrella, he told Xiaobian. In addition, many parents said that they value the chemical index of children's umbrellas. For example, the umbrella surface should not have odor, or the plastic material of the umbrella handle should not contain formaldehyde. However, for the physical design of children's umbrellas, almost all There are no special requirements.

At present, there are many merchants selling children's umbrellas that are too fancy and will be equipped with pendants or plush ornaments. There are also some umbrellas with different shapes. The top of the umbrella is designed with a pointed tip. For the active children, there are safety hazards.

Wire head should not be exposed

Faced with a dazzling array of children's umbrellas on the market, how can parents choose to help their children avoid potential safety hazards? Xiaobian interviewed the China Daily Miscellaneous Industry Association and related inspection and quarantine departments to understand that it is difficult for parents to judge the chemical factors such as formaldehyde and aromatic amine dye content through visual inspection. In terms of physical design, umbrella caps and handles can all become The criteria for parents to purchase children's umbrellas.

First, parents can observe the size of the children's umbrella. An umbrella that is 50 cm or less (including 50 cm) from the center of the umbrella cap or umbrella top to the center of the bead hole (groove) can be called a child umbrella. This size is more suitable for children. At the same time, during the selection process, parents should also pay attention to the fact that the wire ends in the umbrella should not be exposed. During the use of the child, the parts that can be touched should not be sharp.

In addition, the umbrella cap and the umbrella tip (set) of the child umbrella should have a spherical or circular shape, and the height of the tip should not be less than 15 mm, and the height should not be greater than 50 mm. As the handle position that is often in contact with the child's hand, the diameter should not be less than 15 mm to facilitate the child's grip. The end face of the handle should also be spherical or circular.


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