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Folding umbrella quality inspection _The umbrella factory

Release time:2021-06-09 15:46:39

Mainly to see three aspects: umbrella surface, ribs, umbrella poles.


Umbrella inspection:

1. The cloth umbrella should have a special umbrella cloth for the main purpose of the twill, and it is flat and tight, and the rain does not leak, no loss, no hole, no jumping yarn. The stitches are even and the color is consistent. Patterns and stripes are similarly spliced.

2, the surface of the nylon umbrella should be coated with a layer of rain-proof resin glue, the rain does not leak, there must be no obvious weaving defects and leakage, and there must be no star-point light transmission.

3. When the folding umbrella surface is opened, the umbrella shape should be full and beautiful, and it should not be "dished dish" or "deep bowl".

Umbilical examination:

1. Folding umbrella ribs should not be easy to rust, elastic, soft and hard to the touch, should be close to the umbrella pole after closing, the nail joint should be flexible and moderate, smooth and thornless.

Umbrella inspection:

1. The folding umbrella rod should be round and not easy to rust, without burrs, without shelling, and off-welding. The end face of the outer leakage tip should be flat and not light, and there is no hole.


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